Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Article in the Lodi News-Sentinel

Our own Justin Farren, former resident of the Lodi, CA area was featured (along with team-mates Steven and Bryan) in the following newspaper article detailing our upcoming adventure!

Born for Adventure

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Mechanic's Dream

So here's what we know:

Roughly 10,000 miles total.
Couple thousand miles of very poor roads.
At least a thousand miles of NO roads.
Crossing rivers.
Crossing deserts.
Traversing mountains with 3 passengers and a roof full of supplies.

.. and what you see here is the machine that will carry us to our eventual destination at the capitol of Mongolia.

We've purchased our chariot for this year's Mongol Rally, a 1998 Nissan Micra. As the mechanic for this journey, I can hardly contain my excitement.

Over the next four and a half months I'll be spending late nights researching repair manuals, mechanical schematics, ordering spare parts, new parts, upgraded parts, and planning for every conceivable obstacle standing between us and our final goal.

The purchase of our vehicle is an exciting step not only for our team, but also for our sponsors, as we will be adorning our transport with the names and logos of some of the most generous and giving people we've ever known.

This really marks the beginning of the journey for me personally, and I'll be posting my thoughts and ideas on how to get this car to Mongolia frequently as out departure is just around the corner.