Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome Sponsors!!! Things are shaping up!

We're off and running now, people.

We've got a core group of sponsors that have gone above and beyond the call of duty! I'd like to highlight Josh Anderson of California who gave us a myriad of ridiculous clauses and requirements in order to honor his donation as our inagural sponsor. While the three of us are not looking forward to doing such ridiculous things as singing children songs in pirate eye patches, we will do so with a grin, and a sense of amazement at the generousity that Josh (and subsequent others) have expressed. It's really amazing what people have done.

On that note, we'd like to highlight some of our amazing corporate sponsors, without whom we'd never have a shot in making the Rally and keeping our worldly possessions in tact.

They have provided us with support, visibility, financial help, product and services that we'll need before and during the Rally....and we could not be happier at who we have on Board!

bd's mongolian barbeque has graciously taken the reins as our main sponsor for the Mongol Rally 2008. We're happy to work with the Altamonte Springs branch, as well as align with bd corporate and their personal charity efforts for the Mongolian Youth Development Foundation (MYDF). We will be doing several events with bd's in the upcoming months to raise even more money for our charities!

Batter Blaster has been one of the biggest supporters of our rally effort, and it's with great pride and anticipation that we announce that we'll be cooking and traveling with Batter Blaster on our trip. Bryan is a big fan of the stuff, and Steven and I are very careful what we put into our body, so we were curious about what exactly made up the Batter Blaster product.

When we found out that it was completely organic, we were on board immediately, and contacted Batter Blaster with the hopes of getting them involved. It's going to be so awesome the first time we spray out our breakfast like it's no big deal. It's going to be more awesome when I eat all the pancakes and Steven and Bryan just stare miserably at my swollen stomach. Ahh, the good life.

Ralliers have to eat. This is fact. In addition, ralliers have to be efficient and aware of the costs associated with resturants, consumables, environmental impact, and financial impact on the charities by taking on additional expenses on the Mongol Rally.
One of our main objectives, sponsorship-wise, was to align with companies we believed in. Fozzils matches with our philosophy, perfectly. Thanks to Bart Fite of Fozzils, we'll be using their Solo product every step of the way.

Delta Bail is the only sponsor on our list, whose services and product we hope to never ever need during the Mongol Rally 2008. We anticipate all sorts of challenges, but if any of them involve prison or jail, we are going to lean heavily on Mark Monroe and Dallas' Delta Bail. Mark has been a personal friend to me since we were 17, and I've never met a more loyal and honest guy in my life. It shows in how he runs his business, and the level of trust his customers have in what he provides.
Again, visit for information about Texas' most respected and established Bail Bonds company.

Coleman specializes in camping and outdoor recreation products, including stoves and lanterns, propane-powered cooking appliances, high-performance coolers; catalytic heaters; weather-resistant tents, heavy duty airbeds, water recreation products, flashlights and much more. They are also one of the most prolific and respected brands in the outdoor market. We're honored to have their participation in our Mongol Rally experience. Again, visit for information about Coleman Outdoor gear and camping products.

Without the above sponsors we'd be nowhere. Thank you so much for your involvement, and please know that we're looking forward to representing each of the companies involved with Best Intentions Tea and Travel, during the Mongol Rally 2008.

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Josh said...

Awesome job guys, I wish I was able to join in on your incredible journey.

I'm so looking forward to those vids though.