Monday, April 7, 2008

Video Tour of Our MIcra

Our car as filmed by the esteemed Nick Thorpe, another Rally particpant who has been instrumental in helping us procure, and register our vehicle.

We simply would have no way to participate in the Rally and handle the logistics without Nick. Here is a link to his site


Patrick said...

Hey guys ... I'm a fan of Steven's BOASAS comic, and also a US finisher of the 2006 Mongol Rally as part of team ramrod - (this is Patrick, and we had a Justin as well). Just checking in to wish you luck in the prep stages and throw some good vibes your way!

Laszlo said...

Hi guys. I also found my way to this blog a few months back by way of BoaSaS. I sincerely hope that you guys can continue with the original plan of updating it during the rally (hint hint, it has been 3+ months since the last post, and by my watch the rally is supposed to start in 9 days -- you do have at least one random reader).

Well, at any rate, best of luck to you all. Get out there and have the adventure of your lives!