Monday, July 21, 2008

Greeting from Vienna

Here's a quick recap of our journey so far. This will be fast because it's internet cafes are expensive.

- Left London late due to problems installing our roof rack.
- We fixed it at Halfords in Wimbledon and still made a 730 ferry in Dover.
- Drove all night through Belgium, Germany and made it CZ before noon the next day and partied at the castle. Then camped for the night.
- Left CZ this morning and are now in Vienna in route to our luxurious Budapest apartment.

Things are going well and the car is holding up. We'll try to post a picture if we can arrage for an SD card reader here.


atky2000 said...

How's the beast holding up under constant driving pressure after being parked for so long?

Scott said...

Find Osama while you are over there


R.M. said...

I hope you enjoy Budapest. I wish you could bring me back some Matzo ball soup from Kek Rosa or some Gundel pancakes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven...missing you...Mike can go along for the ride but I think I am to old for this knees will just not take any
I love You M

Eliza said...

You are missed Bryan!

Be careful. You need to come home in one piece!

deadzebra said...

Good luck guys! I can't wait to see a pic of the car with all those stickers on it!