Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A new direction.

I suppose things aren't supposed to go as planned when you're having an adventure. Yesterday, Nick called from the Ukraine border. They were turned away due to a problem with their car title. The kicker is that they have our car title.

So, the new plan is to leave Budapest and catch up with them today near Poland and travel together to the Russian border through Latvia.

Since the Micra title is in Nick's name, we will need to cross the Russian border with them and hopefully not have anymore problems.

This could mean that we can't get to the other countries we planned to visit, but at least we'd be in Russia and have path to Mongolia.

We'll be leaving here within the hour and will update if we can when we stop for the night.


Josh said...

That sucks, but hey, you get to have unplanned adventures now!

R.M. said...

Well, I hope you brought your Russian language book Justin, wait no I think it's sitting on your desk.

Bobby said...

It is great that you guys have some time to check out the cities

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven and Friends,
I work with Steven's mom and we are following your adventures from our office.I thnk what you are all doing is awesome. Stay safe.
Love, Julie

Susie Cloud said...

Steven This is your Mother....what do you mean you don't have your car?????? I am not anonymous any more. Young man you better get it and get back home now. I love you. M

Cananopie said...

Cloud and comrades-

Well you knew it couldn't have gone as easily as planned. I hope you find the best alternative route and meet some cool people along the way.

The pictures so far look awesome and I cannot believe they found you on the back of a semi-truck and you got a picture of it. It's perfect.

Eternally jealous

- Rob

Russia Travel Club said...

wow. this is a pretty small car to cross the continent with. good luck